About the Founder & CEO

Eleanor Frank, founder and CEO of Reenoo Workshops, runs her private practice based out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. She has extensive experience coaching and mentoring individuals and teams within the health care sector and beyond. Her consulting practice was conceived from a passion for individual health and wellness – the foundation for achievement of our goals. 

About Us

Reenoo Workshops specializes in stress and wellness consulting for individuals and organizations committed to addressing stress and conflict in the workplace and beyond. Our services help to build capacity to improve resilience, defuse conflict and achieve a healthy work/life balance.

We would be happy to discuss your unique needs and recommend a program that’s right for your organization.

Our values are respect, partnership and continuous improvement. Our legacy is a greater sense of peace of mind, more fulfilling relationships and improved satisfaction in life for our clients.

Eleanor is also a graduate of the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program under the direction of Dr. Catherine L. Phillips with the Mindfulness Institute located in Edmonton.
Her teachings are based upon scientifically- informed, well-researched, evidence-based and outcomes-focused solutions.
As a former career management consultant with an international human resources firm, Eleanor coached clients who were undergoing significant transitions in their careers. This expertise enables her to effectively coach clients and help them land rewarding careers that build on their unique blend of skills, talents and abilities.

Eleanor founded Reenoo Workshops at the age of 60 after witnessing first-hand how unaddressed stress and conflict in the workplace can threaten an organization’s capacity to successfully introduce change. Unaddressed stress and conflict are leading contributors to poor health, frustration, discontentment, employee disengagement, lost time due to illness and diminished productivity. Having experienced complex organizational mergers that have thrust people into the challenge of navigating through difficult transitions, Eleanor’s expertise is managing the people side of change and serving as a catalyst for unleashing creativity and achieving breakthroughs.
Eleanor’s knowledge and expertise stem from a wellspring of deeply personal and universal experiences combined with extensive research, education and training that make her an ideal coach.

Reenoo Workshops is fortunate to work with a diverse group of clients representing private industry, the public sector and not-for-profit organizations that range in size from small business to international corporations.
Our clients have one thing in common: a demonstrated commitment to defining a vision and guiding individuals and groups towards the vision while maintaining group cohesiveness, motivation, commitment and effectiveness.
Front and centre for these organizations is supporting their employees in developing a key professional competency (stress management) by ensuring access to reputable stress management programs that enable their employees to be in tune with their personal stress signals and to apply proven personal stress management techniques.
As employers, they endeavor to set in motion effective programs, processes and procedures to help reduce the stressors in the environment.
Reenoo Workshops would be delighted to have you join our group of satisfied clients.



We are partners for creating healthier and more vibrant organizations. To bring this vision into reality, we engage and mobilize individual contributors within the organization to take charge of their lives on a new level to improve their health. We believe that the foundation for successful organizations is the personal well-being of each individual contributor within the organization.

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We are adept at getting to the root causes of stress and conflict. We utilize scientifically-informed, well-researched, evidence-based and outcomes-focused solutions that improve personal well-being, build effective relationships, increase employee engagement and reduce costs associated with lost time due to illness and diminished productivity.​

About Reenoo Workshops

As a former senior leader responsible for mission-critical services impacting the delivery of quality patient care, she has demonstrated results in helping people succeed in stressful environments. She was the recipient of the Health Information Management Association’s Award for Excellence in recognition for developing innovative approaches and programs impacting the quality of health care. 
Her leadership has enabled organizations to successfully implement change by harnessing the inevitable stressful aspects of change and transforming this potential liability into a valued asset.

She is a Stress & Wellness Consultant certified by the Canadian Institute of Stress & Hans Selye Foundation (internationally recognized experts in the field of wellness and stress management). Dr. Hans Selye is the renowned medical scientist known as “the father of the stress field” and for his studies on the effects of stress on the human body.

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We teach our clients how to manage change and deal with uncertainty in their lives.
We teach indispensable skills, tools and strategies to support people on their stress management journies. We inspire people to be all that they can be. We believe that rewarding relationships are crucial to our happiness. We believe that empowerment is a critical success factor for conquering stress. 

Unlike many stress management and wellness programs, our comprehensive programs address all the dimensions of wellness.